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About the Modernisation of Payroll Sub-Committee

Payroll continues to grow and be considered as critical infrastructure to the overall economy with recent initiatives, including Single Touch Payroll, being fundamental to the success of major government announcements.  

DSPANZ are uniquely positioned to assist in the design and implementation of payroll related initiatives in order to achieve successful outcomes for both the government, digital service providers and business. 

The objectives of this group include:

  • Assisting our members with implementing STP Phase 2
  • Representing our members and software providers to ensure workable outcomes
  • Being a key contributor to the Fair Work Commission's work on the Modern Awards Pay (MAP) Database API
  • Staying abreast of award compliance activities 
  • Involving members in payroll and industrial relations type work as it surfaces

Sub-Committee Members

Chair - Brad Stockman
Members -
Matthew Prouse (Director), Andrew Stirling (Director), Marjukka Mäki-Hokkonen (Director), Simon Foster (DSPANZ President)

How the Sub-Committee Operates

The modernisation of payroll sub-committee meets at least monthly with the frequency of meetings aligned to the level of activity happening in key payroll areas. The sub-committee utilises the Modernisation of Payroll category on the Forum to communicate with members and to provide a platform for members to communicate with each other on payroll topics. 

STP Phase 2 Members Only Meetings

Through this sub-committee, we host regular (monthly) meetings on STP Phase 2 for members to come along and discuss their progress and any issues. Only DSPANZ members can attend these meetings. Members can also access the summaries from these meetings here


Together with the Government Relations Sub-Committee, the Modernisation of Payroll Sub-Committee put together a position paper on award and wage compliance which can be accessed here

Over the years, DSPANZ has held various webinars and participated in consultations around payroll topics. Find relevant payroll webinars below and more information about past consultations here


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