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Below is more information about the Member Directory, how to use it and how to manage/edit your business' listing.

What is the Member Directory?

The Member Directory is a tool for potential buyers to search for business software and services from a trusted source - DSPANZ. It allows the public to search for products and services offered by our Members and directs them to their respective websites. 

The following can be searched with the Member Directory:

  • Company Name
  • Filter by Industry
  • Filter by Target market
  • Filter by Service

What can I do with the Member Directory?

The Member Directory allows each Member to display a listing about their company on DSPANZ's website. The listing includes the following features:

  • Company logo
  • Profile teaser
  • Description
  • Products and services
  • List of industries
  • Target market/s
  • List of Services
  • Link to your website
  • Youtube video

Multiple people from the one company are able to edit their company's listing. If you would like access to edit your company's listing, please contact us and we can set this up for you. 

How can I edit my company's listing?

If you have been granted access to edit your company's listing, you should see this information in your 'My Profile' section once you log in to the DSPANZ website. 

What you can edit What you can't edit
  • Main text
  • Products and services
  • Website link
  • Video link
  • Industries
  • Target markets
  • Services
  • Profile teaser
  • Company logo

For any updates to your industries, target markets, services, profile teaser or logo, please contact us and provide the information you would like to be updated. 

Can I remove my listing from the Member Directory?

We understand if you prefer not to have your company listed under our directory. If you prefer not be listed, please contact us and we will arrange this for you. 

Can I provide feedback about the Member Directory?

Yes - we love Member feedback! Please contact us

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