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The New Zealand Digital Advisory Group or "DAG" is a representative advisory group intended to provide support and perspective from software developers and Digital Service Providers (DSPs) to the NZ Inland Revenue Department (IRD) and other government agencies tasked with the smooth operation and ongoing digital transformation of the tax system. 


DSPs have historically worked together with IRD on digital initiatives, but as separate voices in the industry. After conversations with a number of DSPs, they considered it better for all interested parties if they had a common voice to work with IRD and other stakeholders under a common charter. As a result, the DAG was formed in 2021. 


The DAG is co-chaired by a DSP and an IRD representative with a minimum of five and a maximum of 12 members representing DSPs operating in New Zealand at any given time. Co-chairs will work together to ensure that the DAG is reflective and representative of the diversity of the NZ DSP community. Please find the current membership of the DAG below. 

DSP Co-Chair Emma Dobson - DSPANZ
IRD Co-Chair: Rogan Clarke - IRD
Secretariat: Maggie Leese - DSPANZ
DSP Members: Alex Forgie - CCH Wolters Kluwer
Chris Mar - Datacom
Edwin McLean - Reckon
Gaston Milsom - Advanced Management Systems
Jason Langworthy - Xero
Karl Farrand - Taxlab
Katherine Truman - SAP
Kathryn Cavanagh - ReadyTech
Mike Behling - MYOB
Simone Dixon - ELMO Software

Observers: Anil Srinivasa - IRD
Mark Tapara - IRD
Matthew Prouse - DSPANZ
Simon Foster - DSPANZ
William Jamieson - IRD

DAG Members are not required to be financial members of DSPANZ to participate. 

Charter and Meeting Minutes

NZ DAG Charter as of October 2021

Meeting minutes:

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