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The Aotearoa New Zealand Digital Advisory Payroll working Group or the NZ DAG Payroll working group brings together members of the New Zealand Digital Service Provider (DSP) payroll community to discuss and work through payroll matters for the benefit of the broader community. The working group aims to create an environment where there is structured and early engagement with DSPs from the policy development phase through to the co-design and implementation of payroll changes. 


The working group is chaired by Inland Revenue’s Payroll Software Developer Specialist, with DSPANZ providing secretarial support and is a collective forum of payroll software providers to discuss payroll-related items outside the Digital Advisory Group (DAG). Please find the current membership of the DAG Payroll below. 

Chair  Angela Peason - IRD
Secretariat: Maggie Leese - DSPANZ, Eden Treloar - DSPANZ
Members: Belinda O'Brien (iPayroll)
Chris Mar (Datacom)
Gaston Milson (AMS)
Jonathon Park (Five Star Software)
Kathryn Cavanagh (ReadyTech)
Katherine Trueman (SAP)
Martin Etherington (Xero)
Nikki Wilbur (AMS)
Richard Sainsbury (Finite)
Shelley Costello (Employment Hero)
Simone Dixon (ELMO Software)

DAG Payroll Members are not required to be financial members of DSPANZ to participate. 

Terms of Reference and Meeting Minutes

DAG Payroll Working Group ToR v1.0 

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