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From the A-NZ Peppol All Stakeholders Working Group, it was agreed that creating smaller focus groups to deal with identified topics would be the best way to work through issues before presenting findings or recommendations back to the main working group. 

The Attachments Focus Group was created out of the Consistent Data Mapping Focus Group as there was a need to deal with attachments separately. The purpose of this focus group is to promote consistent support and management of attachments via the Peppol network to ensure / maximise positive client experience. 

Issue Statement

There are varied levels of support of attachments for Peppol Invoice and Credit Note transactions. As such, there are circumstances where end-users will require a better understanding of the use of attachments within the Peppol network. 

Guidance is required to promote consistent support for sending, receiving and managing attachments (e.g., accessibility, storage etc.), which will strengthen data quality and richness, and maximise positive client experience. Access the full problem statement below.


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