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About the Security Sub-Committee

The drive towards a digital economy has led to a proliferation of digital capability and with that an exponential increase in cyber-crime and a focus on cyber security. DSPANZ members are often the enablers of digital economy initiatives and responsible for complying with many cyber security requirements for example the ATO's Operational Framework and the GNGB's STN ISR. In addition, we have developed our own cyber security standard, the Security Standard for Add-on Marketplaces (SSAM), to compliment the ATO's Operational Framework.

Through our members, DSPANZ is also well positioned to identify cyber security issues and help mitigate cyber risks across Australia and New Zealand. We can also influence the future direction and policies on cyber security to benefit our members and the wider business community. 

The objectives of this group include:

  • Monitoring risks and developments in cyber security
  • Making recommendations on issues concerning information and cyber security
  • Representing members at cyber security forums
  • Influencing government policy on cyber security
  • Informing members about issues and opportunities relating to cyber security
  • Promoting the Operational Framework and SSAM
  • Monitoring the progress of digital identity work and representing the interests of our members

Sub-Committee Members

Chair - Ian Gibson
Members - Brad Stockman (Director), Matthew Prouse (Director), Simon Foster (DSPANZ President)

How the Sub-Committee Operates  

The security sub-committee meets at least quarterly or more frequently as required. While this is a Board sub-committee, members that are interested and involved with cyber committee within their organisations are encouraged to become involved. Expressions of interest can be emailed to

Members can also request to join the security sub-category on the Forum to discuss security-related issues at any time.


Through the security sub-committee over the years, DSPANZ has held various webinars and participated in consultations. Find details of relevant security webinars below and more information about past consultations here.


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