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‘Anatomy Of A Cyber Attack’ Webinar with Forensic IT

29th May 2024 1-2pm AEST

DSPANZ teamed up with Forensic IT to present "Anatomy Of A Cyber Attack". The webinar was tailored for DSPs but  was open to anyone interested. The session provided attendees with cutting-edge strategies for managing cyber incidents and enhancing your digital forensics capabilities!

We covered:

  • Cyber Incident Responses: Best practice guide for developing an incident response plan and effectively managing a cyber security incident.
  • Forensic Data Capture & Analysis: Effective techniques for forensic data capture and analysis, including mobile device investigations.
  • Threat Hunting & Network Forensics: Insights into advanced threat hunting methodologies and the latest network forensic tools.
  • Theft Mitigation: Strategies to identify and mitigate the risks of business information theft.
  • Stay Ahead of Threats: Proactive measures to detect, respond to, and recover from cybersecurity incidents.
  • Expert Guidance: Real-world experience to refine your incident response approach.

A copy of the webinar recording and materials can be accessed below. 

Webinar Recording


Jordan Hunt Director of Cyber & Incident Response - Forensic IT

Over 15 years of experience in cyber incident response and forensic data analysis. He leads a team specialising in various cyber-related engagements. Proficient in various tools and methodologies, such as threat hunting, forensic data analysis, and mobile device investigations. He brings a wealth of knowledge and practical expertise to the field, making him an invaluable resource for managing and responding to cyber incidents.


Belinda Stewart DSPANZ Director & GNGB Director

Leveraging a wealth of leadership experience in compliance and data security, specialising in scoping, project management,
consultation, and customised solutions. Bringing a unique perspective to optimising Payroll, Time & Attendance, and HR processes. Recognised for the ability to devise innovative solutions, driving efficiency and ensuring compliance in business operations.

Charles Gillman CISO - Super Choice & DSPANZ Security Committee Co-Chair

With over two decades of expertise in Information Security, specialising in financial services. Led security teams at major institutions and held CISO roles in diverse settings, offering a comprehensive perspective from a background as a penetration tester. Provides practical solutions for current and emerging cybersecurity threats.

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