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The Australian Attorney-General's Department has recently released their regulatory technology roadmap. 

DSPANZ were involved in this consultation process alongside other associations, agencies and industry stakeholders. Interested members also had the opportunity to participate in interviews.

This roadmap suggests a number of potential approaches to support innovation that assists businesses to better understand and comply with modern awards. It includes the development of an API for the Fair Work Commission's Modern Awards Pay (MAP) Database and work for this is currently underway. Learn more about the MAP database here.

Other initiatives included in the roadmap include:

  • Updating the FWO Pay and Conditions Tool and developing an API
  • Creating industry working groups to foster a collaborative co-design partnership between the government and regtech sector
  • Establishing a digital partnership office to further support and drive innovation 
  • Developing Rules as Code and piloting this project
  • Working with the private sector to develop regulatory technology solutions
  • Drafting policy initiatives to support the uptake of regulatory technology
  • Sharing data across government services

Read through the roadmap here

DSPANZ will be continuing conversations with the Attorney-General's Department on initiatives involving business software.


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