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Recently, the Fair Work Commission (FWC) have built the Modern Awards Pay Database (MAPD), which is a repository of all the minimum wages and any dollar figures, allowances and penalties that are contained in all of the 154 modern awards.

The MAPD was initially created as an internal system to seamlessly search across all the modern awards and to more efficiently update all the modern awards every year after the annual wage review occurs and minimum wages are adjusted. 

The end goal of the MAPD is to provide an API version of the database which can be consumed by software providers. 

ABSIA and the FWC are co-chairing a consultation with members and interested parties over November and December. The kick off for this consultation will be happened on Monday 16 November

ABSIA is also hosting the FWC in a follow up webinar about the MAPD. Find the details about the webinar here.  

ABSIA's role in the MAPD development

ABSIA was first introduced to the MAPD in a July presentation from the FWC to the ABSIA Board along with other government representatives including the ATO. During this presentation, the FWC presented how the industry could use the MAPD in payroll, time and attendance and award interpretation software. 

Since this initial introduction, ABSIA then invited the FWC to present to members allowing them to ask questions and put their interest forward to be involved in further workshops on the MAPD. Materials from this presentation can be accessed by members here

Next steps

ABSIA and the FWC are communicating regularly to keep each other up to date and to keep members informed about the progress of MAPD and to get them involved where possible. 

Interested ABSIA members can reach out to us if they would like to participate in further working groups and requirements gathering sessions.


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