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The Australian Taxation Office (ATO), through working with the Champions Adoption Network Communications Committee (CANCC), have produced two resources on eInvoicing: a factsheet and a communications kit. Find out more about each resource and how you can utilise them below. 

eInvoicing Factsheet

The eInvoicing Factsheet is a concise two page document providing an overview of what eInvoicing is and how businesses can get involved. This factsheet is something that can easily be shared with your trading partners, clients and users. Access and/or download a copy of the factsheet here

eInvoicing Communications Kit

The eInvoicing Communications Kit is a larger document with more detailed information on eInvoicing including sample emails and messaging that you can utilise. The content within the kit can be copied, adapted, modified, transmitted or distributed freely. A Word copy of the communications kit can be accessed here. Please note that this kit was updated in June 2022. 


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