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We provided a submission to the Towards a Digital Strategy for Aotearoa consultation on 10 November 2021. 

Overall, DSPANZ agreed that the Government should be leaders when it comes to fostering a digital New Zealand which will make it easier for both businesses and individuals to interact with them and provide opportunities for innovation. We also acknowledged the work required after the strategy is finalised to outline and develop the government and industry that support the strategy. These will be the key success factors in creating a digital New Zealand. 

In summary, our submission addressed the following:

  • Innovation is a key theme missing from the discussion paper and the strategy themes should be re-worked to include innovation;
  • Partnering with the software industry will be vital to the success of the strategy and ensuring workable outcomes for the Government, software developers and end users;
  • The impacts of the technology skills shortage and creating an understanding of potential impacts to software development should be acknowledged in the strategy; and
  • Enabling Digital Service Providers (DSPs) to leverage the Digital Identity Trust Framework will be important as more and more government and business processes are digitised. 

A full copy of this submission can be accessed here

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