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DSPANZ provided a submission to the Department of Home Affairs on the development of the National Data Security Action Plan on 24 June 2022. 

In this submission, we raised the following issues:

  • It can be difficult for organisations to navigate the plethora of different security standards and even more difficult if they have limited security expertise;
  • The Government should reflect existing security standards, policies and controls rather than creating anything new;
  • Organisations may be required to meet different security standards with conflicting controls which can considerably impact how they operate;
  • Where applicable, security standards and guidance should follow a tiered approach to make them more accessible to smaller organisations while also providing a pathway for how they can uplift their security as they mature;
  • The Government should focus on how they can directly support smaller organisations rather than relying on large organisations to perform this role as they manage their supply chains;
  • The Government has a role to play in creating consistency across different reporting obligations as well as considering how they can share information about security incidents between agencies; and
  • The Government should consult with a wide variety of stakeholders and work alongside industry when considering any new concepts or policy for data security.

Access a full copy of this submission here

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