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DSPANZ provided a submission to the Department of Finance's consultation on the Digital ID Legislation and Digital ID Rules on 10 October 2023. 

In this submission we broadly supported the draft Digital ID legislation, particularly the intent to allow private sector entities to leverage myGovID. We also raised the following key points:

  • Relationship Authorisation Manager (RAM) is critical to managing business transactions and interactions with the broader digital ecosystem. RAM must be part of the Australian Government Digital ID System (AGDIS) and managed independently of existing ATO systems. 
  • The opportunities for using DIgital ID and different credentials in employee onboarding processes. 
  • The need for further conversation on the regulation of relying parties to make it as easy as possible for them to participate. 
  • The potential costs involved in participating in the AGDIS may create a barrier to entry for some DSPs acting as relying parties - especially for sign in experiences. 
  • Whilst the Bill intends to create a voluntary system for non-business individuals, there are going to be cybersecurity risks for individuals who choose not to have a Digital ID
  • Digital ID is already all but mandatory for all businesses that must interact with ATO systems for GST, payroll, superannuation or business registry purposes. 

Access a full copy of this submission here

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