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ABSIA prepared a submission for the ACCC's Energy Rules Framework Consultation on 28 August 2020. 

In this submission, ABSIA broadly agreed with the approaches in the discussion paper but highlighted the importance of taking a common approach across the different CDR sectors. 

The following recommendations were made in the submission:

  •  Offline consumers should be considered as eligible CDR consumers but the overall focus should be on providing digital services and encouraging consumers to migrate to online accounts;
  • Authorised data holders should be able to rely on a single authentication carried out by other data holders as long as there are appropriate security frameworks in place;
  • Energy data should be treated in a similar manner to banking data as it is just as sensitive;
  • A lower tier accreditation method should be support on a cross-sectoral basis for both banking and energy;
  • Streamlined accreditation processes should be adopted for eligible ADRs;
  • Steps should be taken to reduce high compliance and regulatory costs for ADRs. 

Access a full copy of the submission here

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