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The Expert Advisory Board appointed to develop the 2023-2030 Australian Cyber Security Strategy released a discussion paper for feedback in February 2023. 

DSPANZ provided a submission responding to the discussion paper to the Department of Home Affairs on 15 April 2023. In our submission we broadly supported developing the 2023-2030 Australian Cyber Security Strategy and raised the following high-level feedback:

  • Digital Service Providers (DSPs) view digital identity solutions and a contemporary set of business registers as vital pieces of technology to facilitate secure interactions and meet their cybersecurity requirements.
  • Creating consistency between cybersecurity frameworks and obligations by recognising existing security standards and controls will assist in reducing the burden and streamline the process when meeting their security obligations. 
  • Payroll, superannuation, eInvoicing, and API sets provided by the ATO, ASIC and Fair Work Commission should be critical infrastructure. 
  • The government should consider rationalising the bodies and legislation involved in cyber security.
  • The government should lead by example in demonstrating and delivering cybersecurity best practice. 
  • The government needs to be more high profile when communicating how they can assist businesses and individuals when dealing with cyber incidents. 
  • There are several successful examples of government and industry working together to uplift cyber resilience while ensuring that functioning and interoperable ecosystems still exist. 
  • There is an opportunity for government and industry to work together to improve the Essential Eight. 
  • The government should continue to regularly consult with industry to ensure the Strategy meets the government's and industry's expectations. 

Access the full submission here

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