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ABSIA provided a submission to Australia's 2020 Cyber Security Strategy highlighting our considerations for the preparation of the new strategy. The discussion paper can be accessed here

The key views in our submission included:

  • The role of the Government is critical;
  • Greater attention needs to be focused on the needs of SMEs who arguably do not have sufficient resources to address security concerns adequately;
  • The Government should foster Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) to help reduce the burden of compliance, especially for SMEs;
  • The Government should widen the definition of "essential services" to include key financial service networks;
  • Australia has an opportunity, with appropriate and proactive Government support, to take a leading position on cyber security globally;
  • The Government should lead and encourage all entities to design and create systems and environments that are "secure by design".

A copy of our submission can be viewed here.

The Department of Home Affairs has now published the public submissions and will be posting updates about the 2020 Cyber Security Strategy on their website. 

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