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Live Webinar on Friday 16 September 2022 at 11.00am - 11.45am (AEST)

This session covered the latest adoption and usage of the NPP and the platform’s roadmap including the delivery of PayTo, which is set to modernise the way bank accounts are used for payments. PayTo will help businesses and consumers thrive in the digital economy with real-time, reliable payments that help business run that little bit smoother. Members can watch the recording back below find out more about the NPP and how PayTo can work for your solution. 

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About our Speaker                               About our Host

Marnie Ryan, General Manager, Product and Scheme Services - New Payments Platform Australia.

Marnie is responsible for the Product and Scheme Services team at NPPA and has been working on NPP for a number of years, not only onboarding Participants to NPP but focusing on the implementation of PayTo. Prior to NPPA, Marnie worked in the Human Resources, Payroll and Financial Systems implementation space for over 20 years. Her various roles have included product management, pre-sales, project management, resource manager and solution architect to major corporates across many

Chris Denney - DSPANZ Director 

Chris is an experienced executive having worked with the financial services industry and the government sector to deliver large scale programs, including SuperStream and STP.  Chris continues to play a leading role in supporting government design and implement new initiatives that will impact DSPs and our employer users including Digital Identity Framework, Modernising Business Registers and Consumer Data Rights.

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