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While we're packaging up the recordings and materials from Webinar Week 2022, here are our key takeaways from the week...

We achieve great outcomes when we work together

An overarching theme throughout Webinar Week was the partnership between the government and DSPs and how we achieve great outcomes when we work together. 

First up in our welcome session, DSPANZ President Simon Foster highlighted the various ways in which DSPANZ, and our members, collaborates strategically and tactically with the Australian and New Zealand governments. Simon also shared the recent paper DSPANZ published on the DSP experience with the ATO's partnership model

In our ATO sessions with Assistant Commissioner Elly Stinchcombe (DPO Partnerships) and then Ian Colhoun and Travis Wright (The STP Journey: Past, Present and Future), Elly, Ian and Travis all spoke highly about the Digital Partnership Office's (DPO) relationship with DSPs and just how much we have learnt from each other throughout digital transformation projects over the years. 

Similarly, in Ann White's Getting Peppol Enabled session, Ann spoke about the working groups happening across Australia and New Zealand enabling the government and Peppol eInvoicing stakeholders to come together and solve challenges as a community. 

Some notable highlights...

  • Simon Foster announced that DSPANZ is currently working internally to formulate a survey looking at DSPs across both Australia and New Zealand - more information on that shortly. 
  • At the time of writing this article, the end of the priority allocation period to register your .au direct name is fast approaching. If you have a priority allocation, ensure that you register before 9:59am AEST on 21 September. 
  • Elly Stinchcombe spoke about creating a strategy outlining and improving the DSP experience with the ATO. Elly and her team are very open to collaboration from DSPs on this strategy which is currently in draft form. 
  • Now is a great time to start thinking about getting eInvoicing enabled if you're a DSP. We highly recommend watching the recording of Ann White's presentation to learn more about what is involved in this process. 
  • PayTo is currently rolling out and there are some exciting use cases that New Payments Platform Australia have identified for payroll and eInvoicing. 

The recordings and materials will be made available to all DSPANZ members and any non members who registered for webinars very shortly. You'll receive an email once everything has been published for the webinars that you registered for. 


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