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Please read the statement below regarding ABSIA's support for an STP deferral.

ABSIA Support for STP Deferral

After consultation with ABISA Members and internal review, ABSIA is making the following statement regarding STP Phase 2. 

ABSIA supports a minimum 12 month deferrals for STP Phase 2. We recognise the difficulty in gaining a clear understanding of this due to the current COVID impacts, however, we believe, there must be a formal decision and industry communication to defer the mandatory date for industry alignment for STP Phase 2. 

Deferring will help ABSIA Members and industry stakeholders. A deferral will also provide the opportunity for the ATO to undertake additional consultations regarding the impacts of extending JobKeeper as well as the Fair Work Commission's Modern Awards Pay Database (MAPD). 

In the event a deferral were to be applied, we would recommend that STP Phase 2 will be compulsory from July 2022 at the earliest. 

With a blanket deferral applied, ABSIA would like to advocate with the ATO that there are other important discussions to be had alongside their recently established STP Adjustments Working Group. ABSIA wants to ensure that there is wider participation from our membership in such working groups and discussions moving forward. 

Kind regards, 

Chris Howard
President and Director


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