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The ATO has worked with ABSIA and the industry on the co-design, communication, implementation and ongoing revision of the newly released Security Standard for Add-on Marketplaces (SSAM). These standards are a world-first in increasing the minimum security requirements between DSPs and third party add-on apps. 

The SSAM originated from the industry approaching the ATO to facilitate a conversation between DSPs and third party apps to develop a commonly accepted industry standard. ABSIA Director, Matthew Prouse, has been working closely with the Digital Partnership Office (DPO), several DSPs and some of the largest and most established third party app developers over several months to produce these standards. 

The result was a set of recommended security guidelines for third party apps that integrate with one or more cloud accounting ecosystems. The SSAM is designed to improve the overall protection of client data and increase the minimum level of security required from third party apps currently connecting or wishing to connect to a DSP's third party ecosystem. The standards will assist in increasing the portability of third party add-on certifications between DSP marketplaces.

ABSIA hosted a webinar to introduce the standards on 2 October 2019 at 10am (AEST). In this webinar, we covered who the standards apply to, what each of the security requirements entail and provided more background information about how the standards were created. The webinar recording and materials can be accessed below. 

Access Recording Access Recording

For more information about the standards, how they will impact upon third party apps and DSPs and to access the standards themselves, please continue reading here


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