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The Operational Framework is a program developed by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) in conjunction with the software industry and will create a set of security protocols for interactions with ATO systems. It will affect every Digital Service Provider (DSP)* consuming any ATO service.

This one hour webinar will be presented by a panel of ABSIA subject matter experts and will provide the software providers view to complement the ATO’s perspective. It will be run on WebEx and the webinar will cover the following:

The Operational Framework – an introduction
Why it is, what it is and who is affected and when

DSP registration and certification/self-assessment
The certification of each DSP under an internationally recognised set of security standards will be required for every DSP to continue to engage with the ATO.

Multifactor authentication and identity management
An additional authentication step on top of password protection to ensure that the eco-system is safe – “know your customer”. This will be required for all cloud products

Onshore and offshore processing and storage
Minimising risk and managing data outside of the Australian legal system

Supply chain visibility
The increasing use of third party software products by DSPs has led to the ATO defining a “supply chain” for the movement of data from source to ultimate destination. Certification and auditing will be required for every party involved in a data transaction

Data encryption
Minimum standards have been set for three types of data encryption; on the wire, at rest and payload encryption

The Operational Framework webinar will be broadcast live at 3pm (AEDT) on Tuesday 5th December 2017.

FREE to ABSIA Members
$75 for ABSIA Non-Members
* Digital Service Provider is the term the ATO uses to reference organisations that interact with ATO IT systems, including commercial software developers, financial institutions and in-house IT teams.


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