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On 14 December 2021, Sentor Jane Hume announced that the Government are conducting a consultation on ways to support the business adoption of eInvoicing. The consultation is seeking feedback on introducing a "Business eInvoicing Right" (BER) and further measures to support adoption including:

  • Enabling Peppol-compatible EDI networks
  • Expanding eInvoicing into Procure-to-Pay
  • Integrating eInvoicing with payments 

Under the proposed BER, businesses will be required to send eInvoices if requested by one of their eInvoicing enabled customers. 

DSPANZ supports this announcement which we believe will help to increase the uptake of eInvoicing across Australia. It sends a strong message that the Government is serious about supporting eInvoicing and the multiple benefits eInvoicing brings to businesses. 

We also support the phased approach to the introduction of the BER that begins with large businesses.  

DSPANZ will be putting together a detailed response to the consultation and members are invited to provide their feedback by contacting us

Read more about the announcement here


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