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The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) has released its Corporate Plan for the year 2023-24. The plan outlines the ATO's key priorities for the year ahead, which are to:

  • Ensure the fairness and integrity of the tax system. This includes detecting and deterring tax evasion and avoidance, as well as ensuring that all taxpayers pay their fair share of tax. The ATO will focus on using data analytics and artificial intelligence to identify potential areas of non-compliance, and will work with other government agencies to share information and coordinate enforcement activities. 
  • Make it easier for taxpayers to comply with their obligations. The ATO will continue to develop its digital services to make it easier for taxpayers to lodge their returns, pay their taxes, and access information. This includes making its website more user-friendly, and developing new mobile apps. The ATO will also provide more support to taxpayers who need it, such as through its helpline and community outreach programs. 
  • Support the economy and the community. The ATO will use its data and insights to help businesses grow and create jobs. This includes providing information and support the businesses, and working with other government agencies to develop policies that are supportive of business growth. The ATO will also work to ensure that the tax system is fair for all Australians, including those who are vulnerable or disadvantaged. 

The ATO's Corporate Plan is a comprehensive document that sets out its goals and objectives for the year ahead. It is an important document for taxpayers and businesses, as it provides an insight into the ATO's priorities and how it plans to achieve them. 

In addition to the key priorities outlined above, the ATO's Corporate Plan also includes a number of other initiatives, such as:

  • Developing a new tax system for the digital economy. 
  • Working to reduce the administrative burden on businesses. 
  • Making it easier for taxpayers to access information about the tax system. 
  • Promoting tax literacy and compliance. 

The ATO is committed to working with taxpayers and businesses to ensure that the tax system is fair and efficient. The ATO's Corporate Plan is a positive step towards achieving this goal. 

Read the full Corporate Plan here


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