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The last few years have brought about huge changes for Australia and New Zealand and our industry. Amidst a global pandemic, people were navigating some of the biggest shifts to work and business in decades. Practices, like remote working, that were once for a select few became a reality for many. Reliance on technology grew to sustain this new normal. 

These recent years mark considerable progress towards our mission of supporting members, Digital Service Providers (DSPs), to inform government policies and develop solutions that optimise business and economic outcomes in Australia and New Zealand. We are now entering a new realm of challenges globally as inflation and cost of living rises. Yet there are opportunities for DSPANZ and our members to work closely with government and other stakeholders to improve the way things are done, optimising business and economic outcomes across the Tasman. 

Our 2021-22 Annual Report is a reflection on the past year looking at the challenges and achievements while also providing an insight into what's coming up in 2023 and beyond for the association. Access a copy of the report here or below. 

We'd like to thank all DSPANZ Directors and staff for their input into this report and a special thank you to Kelly Newton for drafting and preparing the report.


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