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ABSIA's 2018 Annual General Meeting (AGM) was held on Tuesday October 30, at 3pm (AEDT) in Melbourne. Once again this year, the number of Board Nominees exceeded the number of available positions and proxy voting was held in the lead up to the AGM. The results of the proxy votes were tallied at the meeting with no votes being made in person.

Constitution Changes

A vote of 75% or greater was achieved for all the proposed Constitution changes bringing them into effect immediately. An outline of these changes are below.

Clarifying Changes

The following proposed changes are designed to clarify the intent and current contradictions of the Constitution. All resolutions will be voted on together, unless the special resolution is not passed, in which case each special resolution will be voted on individually. 

(a) The difference between Developer and Business Members is now clarified via an explicit definition of Technology Goods and Services.

(b) Legal counsel recommended inserting a definition of "including".

(c) Clarifying the differences between various membership levels.

(d) Remove the possibility for a Director representing an expelled member from continuing to sit as a Director. 

Changes to Member Application Process

The current application process requires the ABSIA Board to explicitly approve every new member. Instead, the board has reviewed the constitutions of peer organisations and determined that new applications should be accepted by default unless the board decides to query the new member. The new member appeals process has also been simplified removing the 3rd level of appeal that is the current Clause 9.2. 

Introducing a New Member Class of "Lifetime Member"

The addition of a Lifetime Member category is to reward those who have made a significant contribution to ABSIA but are ready to take a step back from the association. Lifetime Members will have all the rights and privileges of an Individual Member (ie no voting right nor the ability to stand as an Elected Director) and have no obligation to pay any membership fees from the date of their appointment. 

Modification of Director's and Office Bearer's Terms to be Based on the Calendar Year

Currently, Directors and Office Bearers hold their positions from AGM to AGM. In order to give some time for handover, it is proposed to change the terms to be based on the calendar year.  

Resignation of Directors

One Board Member, David Field, stepped down from his position on the Board. ABSIA extends many thanks to David for his efforts in establishing ABSIA and being heavily involved since its inception. We wish David all the best for his future endeavours. 

Appointment of Directors

After tallying the Electronic Proxy Votes, ABSIA welcomed one new Board Member Marjukka Maki-Hokkonen from PeopleCloud Consulting. 

Current Board Members Michael Behling, Simon Foster and Michael Ross were all re-elected to the Board. 

Treasurer's Report

Simon Foster delivered the treasurer's report which was then accepted. 

Other Business

At the end of the meeting, David Field became the first Inaugural Individual Lifetime Member of ABSIA. 

Change of Roles

Following the announcement of the voting results, new and old Board Members selected the Board positions, they are as follows:

  • Chris Howard - Director and President
  • Simon Foster - Director and Vice President
  • Mike Behling - Director and Secretary
  • Matthew Prouse - Director and Treasurer
  • Karen Lay-Brew - Director and Head of Government Partnerships
  • Marjukka Maki-Hokkonen - Director and Head of Industry Partnerships
  • Ian Gibson - Director
  • Michael Ross - Director

Please note that due to the newly instated constitution changes, this Board will be in effect as of 1 January 2019. 


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