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ABSIA is pleased to announce that OpenPeppol recently approved our association in the observer member category. In return, OpenPeppol have also joined ABSIA as a Gold or 'Non-Developer' Member.

Through this reciprocal membership we aim to drive the education and adoption of Peppol standards and therefore e-invoicing in Australia and New Zealand. We will also be working closely with the ATO on this initiative. 

During our exchanges with OpenPeppol we are starting to establish relationships with members of the OpenPeppol Management Committee. We will continue to strengthen these relationships and develop new international connections as we work towards expanding e-invoicing internationally.

How is this beneficial to ABSIA Members?

Given what we have learnt from OpenPEPPOL so far, they are a very welcoming community and are interested in hearing about our perspectives. Through this partnership, we will be able to work with ABSIA Members on queries relating to e-invoicing and Peppol and get our Members involved in related working groups. We are also looking forward to providing training and support for our software developer Members who are currently working in or looking to work in the e-invoicing space.

We are excited for what Peppol and our respective memberships are set to bring to the Australian and New Zealand software communities. 


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