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ABSIA's Ian Gibson hosted Trusted Impact's Tom Crampton for a security webinar on Thursday 24 September at 11am (AEST). This was a 30 minute interactive webinar that asked participants questions, allowing the audience to answer confidentially before sharing the results. 

While this webinar was not recorded, a copy of the insights from this webinar can be accessed here.  

About the Webinar

Just like changing the oil for your car won't keep you from breaking down or having an accident, "Penetration Testing" won't protect you from getting hacked. It's a good step, but Penetration Testing is not the panacea to keep your business software from breaking down or having a data breach. This webinar will use simple analogies to communicate an important point for all ABSIA members. The webinar will be an interactive conversation about the 'other' fundamentals of security in software applications. 

About Tom Crampton

Tom Crampton is the Managing Director and CEO of Trusted Impact, a specialised, boutique consulting firm focused exclusively in cyber security. 

Trusted Impact was founded in 2006, and has over a decade of focused cyber security experience gained from the insight from thousands of successful projects conducted for hundreds of clients across both Government and Commercial organisations. The firm provides clients with practical insight into the technical, people, process and strategic cyber security challenges they face from their diverse and unique business perspectives. 

This experience has given Tom a wealth of factual insight into the important industry trends and practical challenges facing businesses in today's fast moving cyber security environment. 

Overall, Tom has 30 years of international management consulting, technology and P&L business leadership experience working successfully both in and with blue chip organisations across Asia, North America, Europe, and Australia. 

Tom earned a Master's degree in Business (MBA) with academic distinction from the McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas, and a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Business from The Colorado College. 

About Ian Gibson

Ian Gibson is a Non-Executive Director of ABSIA and is currently the convenor of the Security SIG. Through many industry roles and personal interests, Ian has an extensive knowledge of Australia's security landscape. Ian is currently the Founding Chair of the Gateway Association & Transaction Exchange (GATE) and a Founding Non-Executive Director of the Gateway Network Governance Body (GNGB), where he also established and chaired the GNGB's Security Committee.

Ian is a regular speaker and has been in many newspaper articles and Sky News on several topics including security. After retiring as an Executive Director and Chief Commercial Officer at SuperChoice Services Pty Ltd in May 2020, Ian is now pursuing other professional interests. 

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