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RatesCalc is an Australian made, unique and powerful software platform that is essential for any business including recruitment or labour-hire or group training companies that want to automate their workflow and ensure legal wages and payroll compliance, rate accuracy and efficiency.

If you want to ensure that you are paying staff correctly, your wages processing is perfect or you are supplying labour-hire materials professionally, RatesCalc protects both your operating profit and your industry reputation. RatesCalc is the software that monitors Fair Work Modern Awards, updates any increases and changes in real-time ensuring that your payroll is processed in accordance with legal standards and requirements. The application also manages margins which can be set, employment contracts which can be linked to awards and pay rates.

We are proudly owned and operated in Australia.

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Software that manages compliance to modern awards, pay rates, margins, employment contracts and more...RatesCalc is so unique, there is nothing similar available. It truly is software like no other.
This software platform can change the way your business operates. You can start letting technology guide your processes instead of manually handling your payroll, penalties, allowances and schedules.
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