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Over $10bn under management - 250+ active funds - 40,000+ recorded investors, advisers and brokers

Managing an unlisted investment registry in-house can prove to be a complex task, especially if the fund is in a growth phase or already has a large pool of investors. We find many smaller funds and syndicates tend to store their data in simple databases and spreadsheets which require significant in-house resources to manage correctly. These are often highly inefficient for data processing and ultimately lead to poorer quality of service to investors and their custodians. Fund managers may decided outsourcing registry processes is their best option, despite the higher associated costs and relinquishment of control.

Unitise is a software solution that bridges the gap as an easy-to-use and cost effective in-house unit registry platform with many complex processes able to be run at the click of a button. The software is designed to accommodate an unlimited number of funds with multiple underlying asset classes through a single investor database which minimises data redundancy and allows for simplified high-level consolidate reporting.

As a web based solution, Unitise offers unparalleled accessibility from wherever you are an on any web enabled device while clients still have the option of hosting the database in-house if they prefer.

Unitise is highly scalable and well suited to:
- Growing unlisted unit trusts and investment funds currently operating on spreadsheets in-house
- Managed funds currently outsourcing registry management and looking to return to in-house management
- Unit registry outsource providers whom manage many multi-class funds and syndicates
- Unlisted securities including:
- Property Trusts and Syndicates
- Cash Management Funds
- Mortgage Funds
- Equity Funds
- Market Linked Investments
- Fixed Income Funds

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