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Oban provides an STP Transport Service via our Cripto Service - see associated Product Description for Cripto for more technical information. This is a fully AS4/ebMS based transport mechanism; which delivers a PAYEVNT message from a given Employer.

Cripto Services
Secure Private Messaging Service

Fully secure end to end PKI managed Encryption (AS4 Standards throughout); PKI distribution managed
Central hub store & forward (Cloud Hosted or on premises)
Light Client for deployment to your Customers - not on premise

Banking Gateway
Coming mid 2017 - be ready for the New Payments Platform (NPP)

Connect direct to Bank:
- Real time connection on your nominated Bank Accounts
- Real time on-line Reconciliations
- Real time updates to your back office system (Ledger/ERP/Accounts)

SuperStream Gateway
AS4 Certified Super Stream Solution
Fully set up for a Super Fund.
Includes interaction with SBR2 Gateway as required (SuperTick 3; FVS and SuperMatch 2).
Full Implementation of Gateway; Light Client and Registry Integration in one complete end to end.

SBR2 Gateway
All Functionality required to connect to Government, either Cloud Hosted Service or as "On Premises" Software
SuperTick (STICK3)
SuperMatch (SMAT2)
Fund Validation Service (FVS)
Individual Income Tax Return (IITR)
Member Account Activity Statement (MAAS)

Products & Services

- My Super Cloud Hosted Fund Registry Service
- STP Transport Service
- Cripto Services
- Banking Gateway
- SuperStream Gateway
- SBR2 Gateway
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