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June Newsletter

On 2 June, we signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the European E-invoicing Service Providers Association (EESPA). Through this Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), we will combine our forces and expertise to increase awareness and adoption of e-invoicing world-wide and to promote cooperation in important areas such as interoperability and advocacy.


Meet our Director Andrew Stirling

Get to know our Director Andrew Stirling! Andrew was co-opted onto the Board at the start of 2021. Outside of DSPANZ Andrew is Head of Product Compliance at Tanda, which involves working closely with product management and development teams to make compliance a frictionless aspect of Tanda’s product experience, both for employers and employees.  


Chris thanks Michael Karavas & John Shepherd 

Our Director Chris Denney met with Michael Karavas and John Shepherd PSM to thank them both for their support of DSPANZ over the years throughout the delivery of STP, and now with John and his work at the Australian Bureau of Statistics. This was also a belated congratulations to John for his Public Service Medal and a farewell to Michael from the STP team, we wish him all the best!

    DCTCE Model

    We recently endorsed EESPA’s document outlining a decentralised approach to electronic tax reporting and invoicing called the Decentralised Continuous Transaction Controls and Exchange Model (DCTCE). This model provides an exchange network that supports the adoption of efficient economy-wide electronic invoicing, closely integrated with the CTC functionality. Find out more about the DCTCE Model here.  

    Statutory Review of the Consumer Data Right
    On 23 May we provided a submission to the Statutory Review of the Consumer Data Right (CDR). Find out about the issues we raised in our submission and access a full copy here

    Tax Administration in a Digital World Submission
    On 22 April we provided a submission to New Zealand's Inland Revenue Department on their Tax Administration in a Digital World issues paper. We broadly supported the themes put forward in the issues paper and believe that it is a positive way forward for taxpayers, small businesses and DSPs. However, there are eight key areas that should be considered under this approach which are expanded upon in our submission. Access a full copy here

    CDR Non Bank Lending Sectoral Assessment
    On 14 April we provided a submission to the Consumer Data Right Open Finance Sectoral Assessment for Non Bank Lending. While we broadly supported the expansion of the Consumer Data Right (CDR) to Open Finance data and complementary government-held datasets in this submission, we raised concerns about the unintended consequences and impacts for our members considering the effects of the Open Banking rollout. Access a full copy of this submission here

    NZ Budget 2022

    DSPANZ Representation
    Over the past month, we have been attending the following webinars, meetings and roundtables:

    • STP Phase 2 Meeting with ATO
    • Consistent Data Mapping Focus Group Meeting 6
    • Peppol SP Community meeting
    • MBR BAG
    • COSBOA Council Member Only Roundtable
    • Access Point Migration/Exit Focus Group Kick Off
    • Out-of-Session Strategic Working Group Meeting

    Industry News 

    MAP Database API Project Nearing Completion
    The Fair Work Commission’s (FWC) Modern Awards Pay (MAP) Database API is nearing completion with the FWC currently finalising the timeline for going live. Trudy Jones, the Assistant Director for the MAP Database, recently spoke at the Melbourne School of Government's Digital Government Festival about the project. Read more about the project in this article

    Updated eInvoicing Communications Kit Now Available
    The ATO have released a new version of their eInvoicing Communications Kit this month. Access the updated word copy of the kit through our website here

    Reminder - Super Guarantee Rates Increase

    Reminder that the super guarantee rate will increase from 10% to 10.5% on 1 July 2022. The new 10.5% rate will apply to all super payments made from 1 July. We recommend that your products are updated to incorporate these changes. Find the scheduled rate increases on the ATO’s website here


    ATO eInvoicing Week 

    eInvoicing Week 2022 is coming up! Running from 15 to 21 August, the event will feature a series of awareness activities targeted at the business audience. Contributors will have the opportunity to promote their eInvoicing product(s) and educate their users about getting started with eInvoicing. This will also be a great opportunity for audience members to learn about how eInvoicing works and its benefits. Find out more about this event and how you can get involved here

    Member Spotlight

    Who are you?
    Link4 was established to automate and simplify invoice processing through eInvoicing. eInvoicing can be complex when you deal with more than one country, so we stay focused on our niche and help other software solutions support their customers with this service in the countries we operate in. Link4 is currently active in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Saudi Arabia and the UK.

    What do you do?
    Link4 is an eInvoicing Access Point and also has an SMP - both of which can be utilised by other software providers we partner with.

    Where are you located?
    Link4 is based in South Australia's innovation precinct - Lot Fourteen. We also have offices in Singapore, India and our latest office - Sri Lanka.

    Who can people contact for more information?



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