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September Newsletter

ABSIA's Ian Gibson is hosting Trusted Impact's Tom Crampton for a security webinar on Thursday 24 September at 11am (AEST). This will be a 30 minute interactive webinar covering the "other" security fundamentals. 

Just like changing the oil for your car won't keep you from breaking down or having an accident, "Penetration Testing" won't protect you from getting hacked. It's a good step, but Penetration Testing is not the panacea to keep your business software from breaking down of having a data breach. This webinar will use simple analogies to communicate an important point for all ABSIA members. 

Throughout the webinar, Tom and Ian will ask participants questions, allowing the audience to answer confidentially before sharing the results and analysing them. This is a live webinar only and members and non-members are encouraged to attend. Register here. 


Energy Rules Framework Consultation Submission

Energy Rules Framework Consultation Submission

ABSIA contributed a submission to the ACCC's Energy Rules Framework consultation on 28 August 2020. Access a full copy of the submission here. 
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Updates to Terms of Use & Privacy Policy

Updates to Terms of Use & Privacy Policy

We recently made minor changes to our Member Terms of Use, Website Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. These will take effect on 30 September 2020. In the meantime, we encourage everyone to take a look at the updated terms and review the summary of these changes on ABSIA's website.
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Conversation with Ramez Katf Webinar

Catch Up on Past Webinars

Members can catch up of the last two members only webinars by following the links below:
Energy Rules
Framework Consultation Submission

Contribute to Upcoming ABSIA Submissions

ABSIA is currently planning a response to Options for establishing a consumer data right in New Zealand and we encourage any members interested in contributing to this submission to contact us. If you are interested in participating or sending in your feedback, please do so by Friday 25 September. Find more information about this submission and other upcoming submissions ABSIA is planning a response to here.

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