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DSPANZ Sub-Committees

We currently run a number of sub-committees to support DSPANZ's work in areas of interest for digital service providers and the business software industry. Many of these sub-committees have a corresponding category or channel on DSPANZ's Forum or Slack for member participation and conversations. Some sub-committees are open to DSPANZ members. More information on how each sub-committee, how they work and how you can participate can be found below.

E-Delivery of Business - E-invoicing

Open to members and non-members
The e-delivery of business - e-invoicing sub-committee looks to support software developers and interested parties involved in the development and adoption of e-invoicing solutions in Australia, New Zealand and across the Peppol network. This sub-committee, through monthly meetings, provides a platform for the broader Australia and New Zealand software industries to engage, participate and collaborate on A-NZ Peppol e-invoicing.

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Government Digital Services

More information about this sub-committee will be made available soon.

Modernisation of Payroll

Open to member participation through Forum

Payroll continues to grow and be considered as critical infrastructure to the overall economy with recent initiatives, including Single Touch Payroll, being fundamental to the success of major government announcements. DSPANZ are uniquely positioned to assist in the design and implementation of payroll related initiatives in order to achieve successful outcomes for both the government, digital service providers and business.

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Security Standards

Open to members through EOI

The drive towards a digital economy has led to a proliferation of digital capability and with that an exponential increase in cyber-crime and a focus on cyber security. Through our members, DSPANZ is well positioned to identify cyber security issues and help mitigate cyber risks across Australia and New Zealand. We can also influence the future direction and policies on cyber security to benefit our members and the wider business community.

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Government and Stakeholder Relations

The Government and Stakeholder Relations sub-committee was established in May 2020 to bring together government relations representatives from DSPANZ members to coordinate approaches to government on behalf of the industry. The purpose of this sub-committee is to explore opportunities for ABSIA to expand and deepend our relationships with key government departments and individuals. This is a closed sub-committee and the members are refreshed annually.

Current members of the sub-committee include:

  • Chris Denney - Chair (SuperChoice)
  • Simon Foster - DSPANZ President
  • Michael Ross - DSPANZ Director (MessageXchange)
  • Andrew Stirling - DSPANZ Director (Tanda)
  • Karen Lay-Brew - DSPANZ Individual Member
  • Simeon Duncan - Intuit
  • Angus Capel - Xero
  • Collette Betts - MYOB

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