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ABSIA's Security Special Interest Group (SIG) was established to assist and advise the ABSIA Board and our Members more generally on matters relating to information and cyber security. This SIG aims to provide a focal point for external organisations, like the Australian Taxation Office (ATO), who want to engage with ABSIA or our Members on information and cyber security. 

There is a priority and focus on information and cyber security implementation that ABSIA and our Members are directly involved with while being cognizant of the broader security landscape. The main objective is to monitor, influence and help establish the information and cyber security direction for the systems and services provided and utilised by the Australian Government and the industry. 

More specifically the Security SIG will:

  • Monitor risks and developments in information and cyber security
  • Make recommendations on managing risks relating to information and cyber security and their commercial implications on Government technology initiatives
  • Assess and provide recommendations on the practicality of implementation and commercial trade-offs to mitigate information and cyber security risks
  • Make recommendations to the ABSIA Board regarding information and cyber security issues and providing an ABSIA focal point for external organisations to engage with

This group will work with other committees to provide a security perspective and ensure that a consistent approach is taken across various initiatives that may include, but are not limited to:

  • SuperStream, SBR, STP, eInvoicing/eCommerce (including NPP)
  • SBR further adoption 
  • Simpler BAS
  • STP (technical) integrated approach to coordinate with the Payroll SIG
  • Operational Framework

ABSIA Director, Ian Gibson, is the current convenor of the Security SIG. If you are looking to join this group, please find more information about this process below. 

How the Security SIG Operates

Security SIG meetings are to be held monthly via teleconferencing unless otherwise agreed upon.

SIG Members will receive regular communications and updates about meetings via email. ABSIA's Forum will also be utilised as a space for SIG Members to discuss related topics in between these meetings. 

How to Join the Security SIG

ABSIA's Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are only available to ABSIA Financial Members or by express invitation from the SIG Convenor. To join this SIG, please email an expression of interest to


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