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This Special Interest Group was established to inform ABSIA Members about payment matters and provide a platform for discussion. More specifically, this group will focus on:

  • New Payments Platform (NPP)
  • Payment thinking

ABSIA Director Michael Ross is the current payments lead.

Current Payments Landscape

Faster payments for businesses while maintaining the highest levels of security, integrity and auditability of the system is a critical objective of the digital economy. Two initiatives to deliver on this objective are:

  1. The New Payments Platform; and
  2. Payment Thinking.

The RBA has taked NPP Australia to facilitate the development of standards and the adoption of real-time payments within a number of industry sectors including superannuation, payroll and e-invoicing. The ATO are driving Payment Thinking as a central feature of the digital economy whereby the ATO and DSPs can work together to build processes and features into their software to facilitate secure, reliable and timely payments. 

ABSIA & Payments

ABSIA have worked with the NPPA over the past few years and continue to work together to:

  • Encourage Members to participate in design and pilot activities.
  • Provide feedback to NPPA about any issues related to the technology, security, governance or implementation of the platform. 
  • Provide recommendations in relation to risk-assessment of and planned or implemented NPP systems. 

Who we work with:

  • New Payments Platform Australia
  • ATO

How does the SIG work?

The Payments SIG currently operates on the ABSIA Forum with meetups and webinars arranged as needed. All ABSIA Members can access the SIG on the Forum. Select non-members and government representatives can be invited to participate. 


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