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ABSIA established the Government Relations Sub-Committee in May 2020 to bring together government relations representatives from ABSIA's larger members to coordinate approaches to government on behalf of the industry. The charter for this sub-committee can be found below. 


The purpose of this sub-committee is to explore opportunities for ABSIA to expand and deepen our relationships with key government departments and individuals. 


The drive towards a Digital Economy has led to extensive digital enablement programs such as SuperStream and e-invoicing. ABSIA members are often the enablers of such initiatives and should be involved with the strategic direction, program planning and implementation from inception. In order to achieve this, ABSIA must maintain deep and proactive relationships with policy and decision makers in Government. 

Further, ABSIA is positioned to identify opportunities and help mitigate risks and issues for the Australian economy. ABSIA can make necessary efforts to influence the future direction and policies for the betterment of ABSIA members and the economy as a whole. 


The main objectives of this group include:

  • Identifying and establishing new government relationships;
  • Maintaining and succession planning of current relationships;
  • Representing ABSIA members at government at government digital forums;
  • Assisting in the digital enablement of government services;
  • Influencing government policy for the digital economy;
  • Informing our members about opportunities for innovative software development;
  • Increasing awareness about ABSIA across all levels of government;
  • Establishing ABSIA as the focal point for digital service providers;
  • Leveraging existing relationships such as ATO and COSBOA to position ABSIA; and
  • Proactively influence government policy in the post COVID-19 economic transformation. 
  • Participants

Current members of this group include:

  • Simon Foster - ABSIA Vice President
  • Michael Ross - ABSIA Director
  • Karen Lay-Brew - Individual Member
  • Chris Denney - SuperChoice
  • Simeon Duncan - Intuit
  • Angus Capel - Xero
  • Collette Betts - MYOB
  • Andrew Stirling - Tanda

Key Linkages

Internal to ABSIA:

  • ABSIA Board
  • ABSIA Members

External to ABSIA:

  • Wider software community
  • Other associations on relevant issues
  • Government agencies and ministerial offices (where applicable)


This sub-committee will meet at least monthly and then more frequently as required. 


For this sub-committee, the stakeholders include:

  • ABSIA Board Members
  • ABSIA Members
  • General members of the business software industry

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