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Andrew Stirling - Tanda

Since joining the DSPANZ Board this year, I have been focused on establishing DSPANZ's critical role as the voice of our industry to government on award and wage compliance matters. This has involved leveraging the capabilities and knowledge that I developed in my 12 years as a commercial employment and IR lawyer in a top tier law firm, along with my experience as Tanda’s Head of Product Compliance.

I have renominated for the Board in the hopes of continuing this important work on behalf of the industry. Discussions with the Attorney-General's Department to establish an award compliance industry working group co-chaired by DSPANZ are advancing well, and will complement the work underway with the Fair Work Commission's Modern Awards Pay Database.  

Addressing the uncertainty that all workforce management and payroll vendors face when interpreting Australia’s complex employment laws and modern awards will be an enormous benefit, and with my background I am confident of adding enormous value into that group on everyone's behalf.

Thank you for the opportunity to represent your interests this year, and I hope that you support me to carry on those efforts in 2022.

Belinda Stewart - Paypac

I'm a highly motivated Business Engagement Manager with a passion for compliance and assisting clients to find best-fit solutions to meet their business needs.

I have been deeply involved in the scoping, project management, consultation, testing and implementation of solutions for each client's specific circumstances on projects such as Superstream, STP Phase 1 and JobKeeper. I am currently working on STP Phase 2 and Super Stapling.

I consult with business owners and managers across all sectors with employees ranging from 1-2,000, implementing best-practice payroll, HR, and time attendance processes and solutions to ensure compliance.

My experience covers the end-to-end delivery of all facets of a DSP. 

I recently joined the DSPANZ Government Relations subcommittee, and now seek to increase my involvement and grow the DSPANZ WA footprint.

With my unique experience and skill-set across development, engagement and payroll, and my extensive network of third-party time and attendance and HR developers, I'm perfectly positioned to make a positive impact.

Career highlights:
  • ISO 27001 & ISO 9001 certification
  • Superstream rollout
  • STP Phase 1 rollout
  • JobKeeper rollout
  • Consultation and implementation of workers  on the Pluto LNG project
  • Consultation and implementation of workforce management and payroll solutions for a large WA hospitality group
  • Guest speaker at KPMG STP Phase 2 seminar
ATO and DSP engagements for:
  • Your Future, Your Super
  • Operational Framework - lifecycle

Matthew Prouse - Xero

I was first elected to the DSPANZ board in 2017. Since then, I believe I have played a substantive role in shaping our industry and representing digital service providers effectively with key government stakeholders and industry partners. I am honoured to put my name forward for re-election once again.
As a strong and consistent advocate for greater engagement and consultation with digital service providers, I have been involved with a range of key initiatives including the initial co-design of the ATO's DSP Operational Security Framework (and its subsequent review), the introduction of Peppol e-invoicing to Australia and New Zealand, the development of the Security Standard for Add-on Marketplaces and the organisation's recent engagement with the Fair Work Commission, Attorney General's Department and NZ Inland Revenue. Since the beginning of 2020, I have represented software developers on the fortnightly "Team Australia" industry round table alongside COSBOA and other leading industry associations.

I have previously served as Treasurer and Vice President of the ABSIA / DSPANZ. I am a recovering accountant who joined Xero in 2013, following more than eight years in public practice. As Head of Product Compliance, I have been Xero's representative on the ATO Strategic Working Group since 2017. I routinely represent the software and accounting industries on behalf of Xero or DSPANZ with key stakeholders including the Federal Parliament, ATO, IRD in NZ and other Commonwealth and State agencies. I currently act as DSPANZ's representative on a number of key Australian government and industry working groups.

I am excited about the next stage of our evolution as an organisation and strongly believe the next three years are filled with exciting opportunities for Australian and New Zealand based software developers.

Mike Behling - MYOB Australia

Mike who is a Senior Product Manager & Tax Liasion, MYOB Australia, joined ABSIA (as DSPANZ was known) in 2014 and has attended the majority of the conferences since inception. In June 2015, Mike encouraged MYOB to become a Platinum Member of the Association. He has held a Director's position at DSPANZ from 2015 to 2020 and has been the Company Secretary since 2015. During this time, Mike has represented the Tax Agent software industry in several forums. 

Mike has been working in the Software industry for over 40 years in several disciplines. The last 21 years has been spent with MYOB, Solution 6 and Xlon. Most of this time has been devoted to the Accountants Tax Return preparation, management, and lodgement systems, more recently being involved in payroll, Business Management Software, and the use of SBR across the product Suite. Also responsible for the MYOB API Connections to Inland Revenue New Zealand and MBIE (NZ). 

Since working with MYOB, Mike has built up a good rapport with members of the ATO, ABRS, IRD and other people in the industry. Now working closely with the eCommerce project team. Mike is also a member of the Single Touch Payroll Advisory Group and has devoted many hours to help guide this program working towards a solution that would be acceptable for all parties. More recently being engaged with the MBR Business Advisory Group. 

Mike has often taken the lead with DPO and ATO project teams in driving the direction of the ATO testing environments with a goal to ensure the industry has appropriate standards of environments allowing easier development.

The industry is getting busier as technology use accelerates and we all need to find better use of our resources.

Simone Dixon - ELMO Cloud & HR

I am an established and driven Payroll Professional.  My experience includes over 30 years of Finance, Payroll & HR within the Retail, Hospitality, Building, Mining, Recruitment, Labour Hire, Not for Profit and Software industries.

I have undertaken a diverse range of roles within my working life journey, from Sales Assistant and Bar Attendant to Financial Controller and Risk & Compliance Manager. This has provided me with a unique level of knowledge and clarity in the intricacy of business collaboration.

Spending my founding years in Canberra, managing the family business, gave me a taste of the complexity of interpreting legislation. It became my passion to decipher the legal jargon and translate it into a language that was able to be understood by all.

Proactive in my approach to share and grow my knowledge, I strive to work at the peak of the industry and actively seek consultative opportunities with key government agencies. By forging robust relationships with key stakeholders of business and government, I have been able to accomplish my vision. 

It is always with eagerness that I share the results of my learnings, whether it be in an open forum event or internally with my peers. As a member of the DSPANZ board I will be able to share this knowledge with DSPANZ members. I am keen to join some of the working groups to collaborate with the various government bodies to also act as an industry voice for DSPANZ members.

Sreeni Pillamarri - SoftLabs

For more than 19 years, I have worked as a Technology Professional in the areas of Retail, Media & IT Industry and have a Master's Degree in Information Systems from the Central Queensland University. 

Starting my career as a Software Engineer, moving to a Project Manager and then CIO and CEO of a Media & Technology company. I have worked in various organisations such as ABC Corp, Woolworths Ltd, Unisys Australia. 

My experience in the Tech Industry led me to an entrepreneurial journey , SoftLabs is an ANZ based Digital Technology & Business Software Solutions provider specialised in technology consulting, project management, product management and IT services. Our services are widely used in Aged Care, Manufacturing, Distribution, Hospitality & Government sectors. 

As a small business owner, I have had the opportunity to work with other SMEs, Government and Corporates. As a Tech Entrepreneur I believe in keeping things simple and adapting to the requirements of the businesses I work with. I feel it's always important to offer value in the large scheme of things to allow mutual growth with partners. 

I am a strong advocate for multicultural and diverse communities and work closely with ethnic communities such as Chinese, Jewish, Lebanese, Indigenous, Sri Lankan, Fijian,  Korean, Middle Eastern to name a few.

Being a community volunteer since my school days, I have continued the same passion moving forward by volunteering in various roles as President, Secretary, Vice President and Treasurer of various ethnic community organisations and sports clubs across NSW.

Currently, as a Treasurer, Director of DSPANZ (formerly known as ABSIA) I was able to bring in my skills, experience and expertise and share them across the team. If given the opportunity to be a Director on the DSPANZ  Board, I shall continue to do the same. 


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