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DSPANZ has three classes of membership:

Developer - entities that generate revenue from the development of business software. 

Business (Non-Developer) - entities that do not develop business software but have an interest in the business software industry.

Individual - those interested in the business software industry who are either full time students; employees of current Developer or Business Members; individuals not currently working for an eligible member company.

Developer and Business

The pricing for Developer and Business memberships is tiered to suit your organisation's size. All prices are in Australian dollars and exclude GST. The pricing below is for a 12 month membership.

Micro Up to 5 employees in Australia and New Zealand $   600 AUD (ex GST)

Level 1 6 to 35 employees in Australian and New Zealand $ 1,200 AUD (ex GST)

Level 2 36 to 99 employees in Australian and New Zealand $ 2,400 AUD (ex GST)

Level 3 100+ employees in Australian and New Zealand $ 3,600 AUD (ex GST)

Level 4 Public listed companies and companies with 1000+ employees globally $10,000 AUD (ex GST)

Monthly payment options are available. A minimum of 12 monthly payments is required.


Individual memberships are AUD$199 (inc. GST). 

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