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Security Standard for Add-on Marketplaces

You can download a copy of the standard (PDF) here: Security Standard for Add-on Marketplaces (SSAM). Last updated August 2019.


More information about the acronyms commonly used around the SSAM can be found in this video.

  • ABSIA - Australian Business Software Industry Association (now DSPANZ)
  • API - Application Programming Interface
  • ATO - Australian Taxation Office
  • BAS - Business Activity Statement
  • DPO - Digital Partnership Office
  • DSP - Digital Service Provider
  • SSAM - Security Standards for Add-on Marketplaces

ATO Resources

Additional Resources

SSAM Webinars

DSPANZ co-hosted a webinar with the ATO to officially introduce the SSAM on 2 October 2019. Please find more information about this webinar and access the webinar materials here

DSPANZ then hosted a follow up webinar to provides updates and more detail where necessary about the SSAM, including an updated next steps. This webinar recording and materials can be accessed here. 

Further Information

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