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As part of the 2021 review of the Security Standard for Add-on Marketplaces (SSAM), we are looking to better understand the experiences of both Digital Service Providers (DSPs) and add-ons when implementing and complying with API security standards introduced by DSPs since 2018.

We have created two surveys (one for DSPs and one for add-ons) which will:

  • Assist in understanding the experience for both DSPs and add-ons
  • Identify which requirements may need an uplift or more clarification
  • Inform changes to the SSAM post review

Responses to the surveys can be kept anonymous. Find more information about each survey below. 

Are you a DSP or an add-on?

Please take time to consider whether your software is classified as a DSP or add-on. You should only complete one survey. 

If you are a DSP that currently runs a marketplace, we would appreciate it if you are able to share this with the third party developers in your app stores and ecosystems. 

Digital Service Provider (DSP)

Definition: Any software product that needs to comply with the ATO DSP Operational Security Framework. Examples include tax, accounting, e-invoicing, payroll and superannuation software. 

If you fit into this definition, please complete the below survey.

Complete DSP Survey Complete DSP Survey


Definition: Software products that integrate with a DSP via API or are listed in an App Store or Marketplace run by a DSP that do not provide tax, payroll or superannuation services. 

If you fit into this definition,  please complete the below survey.

Complete Add-on Survey Complete Add-on Survey

Both surveys are expected to take about 15 minutes to complete and there is the option to provide more detailed feedback at the end.

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