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Industry Event - 21 May 2015

ABSIA Board member, Nicholas Perrott attended the STP Implementation and Transition Advisory Committee meeting at the ATO. The key messages from the meeting were:

  • Government is considering the feedback provided at the round table and now looking at the next steps for STP.
  • Real Time Reporting needs to be discussed to provide definition around at what point reporting needs to occur.
  • A key driver for STP is the value proposition to the employer and this would create demand driven adoption by the business community.
  • An emerging challenge for the ATO is to create an enabling environment for early adopters. History and experience from SWD proves change process cost is significant and being an early adopter requires investment in time and resources.
  • The SWD community was launched on 18 May 2015. The new community is a one stop shop for the industry to keep up to date on latest news.

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