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Industry Event - 14-16 June 2016

Currently less than 24% of professionals in Australia’s ICT industry are female. Following a collective effort to drive innovation through diversity, competitive organisations must build the right conditions to encourage more women into, and advance those within the tech sector.

The inaugural Women in Tech. 2016 conference bought together senior female ICT professionals from across all industries in Sydney from 14 – 16 June 2016. The event facilitated opportunities to network, share experiences and discuss strategic solutions to the key challenges facing the sector.

Women in Tech. was not just an event about women in tech, it was for women in tech.

Over three days, leading industry experts discussed key themes of advancement, culture and innovation – bringing their own key insights and firsthand experience to help apply these learning’s to participants own contexts.

Women in Tech. was attended by a well balanced mix of public service and private enterprises leaders.  

The speakers included ABSIA’s own Vice President, Karen Lay-Brew. 

Karen’s topic “Aligning ICT vision, mission and strategy with business direction to maximise outcomes” focused on helping organisations align their objectives with the overall company business goals. Karen’s conversation resonated with audience members, leaving the conference equipped with the new knowledge and tools for effectively addressing various scenarios.

After her presentation session, Karen continued the conversation with attendees, discussing scenarios specific to their circumstances offering advice and means on how to tackle issues. There was much interest from the public sector attendees about the implications of whole of government initiatives, and Karen also spent the time to talk with delegates about her career and how they could go about building awareness within their own companies.

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