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Conference - 31 October 2018

ABSIA hosted their Annual Conference on Wednesday 31 October, 2018  at The InterContinental Hotel - The Rialto, Melbourne from 9.00am - 5.00pm. The energy was palpable as multi-National Government, Australian Government and Industry discussed the issues. Very productive event!

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 9:00am Conference Welcome
ABSIA Matthew Prouse

Matthew Prouse - Conference Chair - Director - ABSIA

9:15am President's Address

ABSIA Karen Lay-Brew ABSIA Simon Foster


Karen Lay-Brew - President & Chair - ABSIA - AGM Outcomes & Highlights of the Year

Simon Foster - Treasurer and Director - ABSIA - Treasurer's Report.

9:30am  Driving Reforms Through the NSW Government Digital Strategy and Our Approach to eInvoicing

Shae Howard NSW Government

Shae Howard - Executive Director ICT and Digital Government - NSW Government

View Presentation HERE

The NSW Government's Digital Strategy includes the alignment and implementation of eInvoicing within the NSW Government. Join Shae Howard as she discusses the NSW Government's role in the first production pilot in Australia to test the eInvoicing Interoperability Framework and their planned approach to maximise the adoption of eInvoicing and the delivery of its benefits.

10:00am Benefits and Challenges for Small Businesses to Adopt eInvoicing

Kate Carnell ASBFEO

Kate Carnell - Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman

View Presentation HERE

Small businesses face many challenges and lack of time is near if not at the top of the list. Adopting eInvoicing can help them save time when raising, processing and receiving invoices and making payments. Kate Carnell will be addressing the challenges businesses may face and the ultimate benefits including freeing up valuable time that the widespread adoption can bring to small businesses.

10.30am Morning Tea

11:00am Government's Role in eInvoicing - Panel

Michael Croker CAANZ Michelle Crosby ATO Christopher McSporran SA Government Shae Howard NSW Government Joanne Hogan NZBN

Chair: Michael Croker - Tax Leader - Australia - Chartered Accountants ANZ


  • Michelle Crosby - Deputy Commissioner, Business Reporting and Registration - ATO
  • Joanne Hogan - Director - NZBN Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment - NZ Government
  • Christopher McSporran - Director, Financial Operations and Reform - SA Government
  • Shae Howard - Executive Director ICT and Digital Government - NSW Government

In this panel, guests will be speaking about the leadership roles both the Federal Government and State Governments will be taking as eInvoicing is implemented at the government level. Chair Michael Croker, will ask participants about the importance of a Single Economic Market and cross-border approach, what a trans-Tasman approach means and what the next steps are for eInvoicing in both Australia and New Zealand. 

11:45am Singapore's eInvoicing Journey

Jane Lim IMDA

Jane Lim - Assistant Chief Executive - IMDA Singapore Government  

View Presentation HERE

Jane Lim will be discussing the role or eInvoicing in a digital economy as a part of Singapore's Digital Economy Blueprint. Jane will also give an insight into Singapore's journey so far and how the Singapore Government is planning to actively participate and move forward with the implementation of eInvoicing. 

12:05pm  The ASEAN Single Window and Opportunities for Regional Co-operation

Peter Stokes Axway

Peter Stokes - Regional Director - Axway

View Presentation HERE 

Peter Stokes, Axway's Regional Director, will be speaking about the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Single Window Trade Program including its purpose, frameworks, current status and plans for the future. Peter will also discuss the World Trade Organisation's Trade Facilitation Agreement that promotes electronic exchange, a Case Study of the Indonesian National Single Window and highlights of Australia - ASEAN Free Trade agreements with the opportunities and challenges for regional cooperation.

12:35am  Fireside Chat: Single Touch Payroll: Now that 1st July is Over ... Successes, Learnings and What Next?

Chris Howar ABSIA      John Shepherd ATO 

With Chris Howard - Vice President - ABSIA and John Shepherd - Assistant Commissioner, Single Touch Payroll - ATO

Following the introduction of Single Touch Payroll a few months ago on the 1st of July this year, Chris Howard and John Shepherd will be chatting about what they have learnt from the Phase 1 implementation and what is next for Single Touch Payroll and other related programs.

12.55 Lunch

1:55pm  Outcomes and Learnings from the SA Government eInvoicing Pilots

Glenn Dawsom SA Government

Glenn Dawson - Senior System Support Consultant, Business Systems and Performance - SA Government

View Presentation HERE

Shared Services SA is a South Australian Government Department responsible for the processing of the majority of the SA Government's Payroll, Financial Services, Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable. The next key initiative surrounding the processing of their 1.3 million invoices per annum is to improve payment performance and efficiency by implementing electronic invoicing. Glenn Dawson will be outlining the work that has been done to date and why it is imperative that a standard is used to ensure the wide adoption of eInvoicing across the state's high number of suppliers as well as potentially stimulating eInvoicing uptake across South Australia.

2:15pm  Panel: Making it Real: Adoption, Challenges and Opportunities

Emma Dobson Wesptac   Daniel Whittle BOC Levine Naidoo IBM

Chair: Emma Dobson - Director - Westpac Institutional Bank


  • Michael McSwain - Finance Manager – Systems and Projects - Bunnings
  • Levine Naidoo - IBM Watson Supply Chain Leader A/NZ and Chair of Oasis UBL Localisation Subcommittee
  • Daniel Whittle - eChannel Manager - BOC Limited

In this panel, participants will be sharing their own experience with eInvoicing including the successes, challenges and opportunities. Chair, Emma Dobson, will be driving the discussion about how the nation-wide interchange of eInvoices could work based on these first-hand experiences.

2:45pm  How Software is Transforming SME Life in Asia

Jack Skinner ABSS Asia

Jack Skinner - Head of Engineering - ABSS Asia

Cloud accounting is now a widely adopted norm across Australia and many parts of the world, yet that's not the case in many parts of Asia. Desktop and native applications are still the tried, tested and trusted tools - but that's all changing. Jack Skinner will explore how business, compliance and accounting is changing for businesses in Southeast Asia and how software companies like ABSS are leading that transformation.

3:05pm  How Will NPP Align with Australia's eInvoicing Framework?

Katrine Stuart NPP Australia

Katrina Stuart - Head of Engagement - NPP Australia

View Presentation HERE

How will the NPP support eInvoicing and work with the eInvoicing Framework? Katrina Stuart will be sharing how the NPP's data capabilities could support both the transfer of invoice data as well as invoice payments. Katrina will also analyse potential solution variants from a simple invoicing solution to more complex integrations with ERP and accounting systems

3.25pm Afternoon Tea

3:55pm Whole of Government Approach to Security, Operational Framework and Digital Identity

Michael Rowell ATO

Michael Rowell
- Assistant Commissioner - Digital Wholesale Services - ATO

In today's digital approach to delivering government services, the security and integrity of data that is input and transmitted from different parties in the 'supply chain' of information contain inherent risks. Join John Dardo as he discusses how the Operational Framework will address these vulnerabilities and how it can be applied to other government agencies.

4:15pm  Fireside Chat: EST Happenings: Refreshing the ATO Architecture, Testing Environment

Mike Behling ABSIA    Michael Rowell ATO

Mike Behling - Secretary and Director - ABSIA and Michael Rowell - Assistant Commissioner - Digital Wholesale Services - Australian Taxation Office.

Join Michael Rowell and Mike Behling as they discuss the recent developments and opportunities for the ATO and Industry to work together in the ATO's Enterprise Solutions and Technology (EST) space, including SBR2GOLD, improving the EVTE Testing Environment and together looking at more secure messaging between the different systems for end-to-end security.

4:35pm  Industry Coding Without the Work

Bill Allen ABS

Bill Allen - Program Manager - Australian Bureau of Statistics

View Presentation HERE

Many electronic forms, such as ABN registrations, require people to indicate the industry in which they work. Getting accurate industry information requires coding using descriptions of business activity and can be both expensive and time-consuming in building and maintaining the coder. During this session, Bill Allen will be introducing the ABS Industry Point of Contact Coder, an API maintained by the ABS which can be integrated into business applications where industry coding is required.

4:50pm ABSIA's Future Strategy and Closing Remarks

Chris Howard ABSIA    

Chris Howard, ABSIA Vice President and Director and Matthew Prouse, Conference Chair and ABSIA Director

5:00pm Conference Close


5:15pm  Post Conference Networking Drinks


Ticket Pricing
  • ABSIA Members: $260.00
  • Government Employees: $260.00
  • Non-ABSIA Members: $370.00
  • Students: $70.00

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