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Conference - 18 November 2015

ABSIA would like to those who attended our 2nd annual conference. The ABSIA Conference is held annually in October/November each year. This year’s conference was held at the Melbourne Convention Centre with an agenda showcasing the highest priorities for the Software Developer Community in the coming years -- as stated by the leading business , IT industry and government representatives.

A variety of hot topics were delivered via keynote presentations and dynamic panel discussions. We covered a range of interests addressing what government and business are expecting from us and what we can do to increase confidence and efficiencies of our products in the cloud.

The business industry panel discussion provided insight into ‘What is the Australian business community expecting from you? ‘How is business expecting you to leverage off new technologies to help manage their government obligations, while still being competitive in an ever growing global economy?’

Assistant Commissioner of the Australian Taxation Office (ATO), Katie Welsh is responsible for the Reinventing the ATO programme and presented. The ATO have conducted 11 workshops with community groups and professions gathering vital information to shape the future tax and super systems. From these workshops the ATO will develop an integrated 4 year plan, being the future of ATO and changing the way they work forever.  Katie showcased the results of all 11 workshops including video comments from participants and significant items from the emerging plans across all segments. 

The Cloud panel deliberated on the trend to cloud, weighing up its benefits to the new risks it brings, ‘Can we manage new risks giving both developers, consumers and government confidence in this new market?’ and ‘How to get involved in influencing and shaping guidelines and standards in this space!’

To view the presentations, please click on the topics below.


9:30am - 10:00am

Registration & Networking


10:00am - 10:10am

Welcome & Opening Remarks - Karen Lay-Brew ABSIA

10.10am -11.00am

KEYNOTE ADRESS - Varant Meguerditchian, Standards Australia

APEC Harmonisation of Standards for Data and Information Flows

11.00am -11.30am

SBR: Whole of Government – John McAllister, Australian Taxation Office

11.30am Morning Tea


11.50pm -11.55pm

ABSIA update: Product register – Joe Maxymenko, ABSIA

11.55pm - 12.35pm

Reinventing the ATO – Katie Welsh and Lesley Slevin, Australian Taxation Office

Katie and Lesley will showcase the results of all 11 workshops, including vox pops from participants and some significant items from the emerging plans across all segments.


Planning to deliver the future experience in the Reinventing the ATO Blueprint (short version)

Planning to deliver the future experience in the Reinventing the ATO Blueprint (full version)

12.35pm -1.25pm

Industry Professional’s Round Table Discussion

Tax Agents –Tony O’Reilly – KPMG, Ashley Davidson - Pitcher Partners , Bookkeepers – Matthew Addison - ICB, Superannuation – ASP, HR - David Simpson – Melbourne HR, Payroll -TBC

1.25pm - Lunch


2.05pm - 2.10pm

ABSIA update: SuperStream Defined Benefits – Josef Bobinac, ABSIA

2.10pm - 2.35pm

Cloud and cyber security- its impact on the digital economy – Ian Yip Director, Cyber Security at EY

2.35pm - 3.25pm

Voluntary data retention practices for cloud providers – (panel discussion)

John Becker - ATO, Drew Andison - DTO, Gabriel Haythornthwaite - Redcore, Tim Wright - Xero, Mike Behling - MYOB

3.25pm Afternoon Tea


3.45pm - 4.05pm

E-Invoicing: Whole of Government – Levine Naidoo, Australian Taxation Office

Levine Naidoo will introduce e-invoicing from a standards perspective

4.05pm - 4.10pm

ABSIA update: e-Invoicing Special Interest Group – David Field, ABSIA

4.10pm - 4.30pm

ABSIA update: STP and Payroll special interest group – Deanne Windsor, ABSIA

4.30pm - 4.35pm

ABSIA update: ELS2SBR Special Interest Group – Kevin Johnson, ABSIA

4.35pm - 4.55pm

ebMS3 Adoption of ATO services – Chris Thorne, Australian Taxation Office

Buy or Build? Chris will discuss current options for consuming ATO ebMS3 services

4.55pm - 5.00pm

Closing Remarks – Karen Lay-Brew, ABSIA


Conference Close

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