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We've run the Forum for a number of years to support the work of our Industry Committees.

Essentially the Forum is split into two sections:

  • Categories - the main categories of the Forum are open to all users of the Forum
  • Sub-categories - the topical categories that sit underneath main categories are closed to members only

It's run this way to allow members to have private conversations on certain topics within the sub-categories but also to have more open conversations in the main categories with non-members and government. 

The main categories are currently aligned to our Industry Committees and the sub-categories to topics of interest that fall under the broader categories. When posting on the Forum, you should try to match your post to the categories, sub-categories or an existing topic. More information about posting on the Forum can be found on the User Guides. 

While members can view and access all categories, sub-categories and topics on the Forum, you won't be bombarded with notifications from all activity happening on the Forum. All users on the Forum will only receive emails and notifications from the categories, sub-categories and topics that you are "watching". This will ensure that you are only receiving information you are interested in. However, there are two default "watching" categories to easily communicate with all Forum users and DSPANZ members. If you create a topic, you will also automatically be "watching" the topic. 

How to "watch" a category or topic

Simply click on the bell icon within a category or topic to "watch" that category, sub-category or topic. 

You are always welcome to invite your co-workers and peers to the Forum. You can either do this yourself or send their details through to us and we will send them an email invite. 

If there is a category or sub-category you would like to see on the Forum, let us know and we can help you get it started. For any other information on the Forum, check out the User Guides or contact us

We're always open to hearing any feedback or suggestions about the Forum - just let us know. 

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